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The Dreamscape

In the Wake of Dreams

My research seeks to investigate the influence of dreams on our daily lives, and their importance in a cultural context. These are a representation of the fact that dreams are a personal experience.

I have here created a dreamscape where the dream is not a given representation, but through the use of a site specific installation the space becomes the dream itself, to be interpreted by the viewers in their own manner. Of particular interest to me is the fact that no matter in what way dreams are explained they are never imagined in the same way by the listener as thought out originally by the dreamer.

The use of overlapped text and the participation of the viewer are of essence to the work being displayed, since the viewer becomes part of the text, thus part of the dream space. This research and the resulting research project challenge the idea of fabrication by the dreaming mind, in order to make the viewer reconsider that which is truly ‘experienced’, ‘in reality’ and ‘in dreams’, which is most important, most effecting?

Will you leave your dream?

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