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Performing and Installation on the Burren

I have created two performances on the rocky landscape of the Burren in Co. Clare, Ireland, between 2015 and 2017 during two separate artist residencies that I spent in this favourite part of Ireland.

The 2015 performance and temporary installation consisted of 2 metre long sheets of paper cut into 45cm wide strips, that were then placed on the long glaciokarst clints following along their grykes and held down with smaller rock pieces found in the same area. All rocks were replaced in their original place after the performance and installation was finalised.

In the 2017 performance, I used a large ball-shaped stone which I had noticed while driving around the Wild Atlantic Way towards Black Head. This stone had been rolled and brought here by the glacial movements during the last ice-age, this sense of the raw power of nature held me captivated. To this I wanted to draw a parallel to monuments that are built and lauded by man - particularly as during 2017 in Malta there was a rush to finalise and put up public art and monuments in the run-up to Valletta's 2018 European Capital of Culture. Here I created a looped stop-motion animation video from photos of myself offering up a seed head to the Burren - replicating the offer of bouquets of flowers to stately monuments. In this case the seed head could flower and replicate itself as the environment of the Burren is well known in botany for particular natural growth, whilst the flowers left at the feet of monuments tend to die away after a short time. 

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