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Washed Ashore

I have just completed an assignment for a Nature Photography Course that I was taking at the Centre for Liberal Arts at the University of Malta. Along with this course I was also following two other courses about Marine Environment and Environmental Issues and Challenges.

The sea has always been a center of inspiration for me, having grown up by the shores of the Mediterranean, imagining that I was the daughter of the sea whilst free diving, playing in rock pools thinking of mermaids, snorkeling with my father, the sea has always captivated me. So much so that it features many times in my artwork, either through painting or photography.

In this assignment I wanted to bring out the beauty of creatures that are Washed Ashore by the lapping waves, and which for one reason or another are stuck and unable to return to sea. These creatures are sometimes seen as fearful - due to their possibility to poison or sting, but here on the shore they seem so helpless, and so immeasurably beautiful.

Even if the last two photos do not depict creatures that were literally washed ashore, their figurative washing up in my rooms and remaining dead there meant that I added them to this panel of photos.

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