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Born in 1987, Sara Pace is a graduate fine artist and art historian, as well as a practising art educator in a secondary school in Malta. Sara has studied art at various local institutions such as the Malta School of Art and the University of Malta, as well as abroad at Clarion University, Pennsylvania, US and at the Burren College of Art, Ireland.


Through her work Sara seeks to create objects that speak out to the viewer, bringing about understanding of and relating to the need for free space, particularly that of a natural environment. Sara’s art represents her passion to pass on her thoughts on the relationship between humanity and nature. Her influences are fantasy literature, pantheism and the environment. Her work is highly influenced by symbology and the dual interpretation of words and language.


Sara hopes to bring the vibrancy of the Mediterranean culture and her musical background to the fore through the bright choice of colours and the playfulness in her paintings. Her works capture memories, light, weather and mood – emotions upon which the artist thrives. As a teacher Sara also aims to promote local art by young emerging artists, who have the future portrayal of the islands and the local culture in their hands. 


She continuously strives to educate herself in different artistic methods to be better able to communicate her thoughts, both to her viewers and to her students.

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