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Trash Dolphin - Malta Fisheries

This installation was created in July 2018 at the Malta Fisheries in Marsa, with the collaboration of Eco Marine Malta.

The dolphin was designed on newspapers which had articles about the sea, fishing, marine life and marine pollution. I selected these newspapers in particular to highlight the important role that the media plays in the struggle to help the sea regain and maintain its balance. As well as our role as readers and educators.

The dolphin was designed and drawn using chalk pastels, and then it was covered with trash which had been picked up from a prior beach clean up conducted at a bay in Sliema, Malta. The idea behind this was to indicate what is happening to marine animals that are ingesting plastic, as well as becoming enmeshed in floating plastics and other trash. The dolphin was drawn to life-size to highlight how big this mammal truly is, as sometimes we forget that these animals are real and not just an image we see on our devices.

All materials used where then recycled separately after the 2 day event, ensuring that we left no trace behind us. For further information you can follow this link.

Trash Dolphin

Trash Dolphin

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