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Delicata Winery Bettija'rt Exhibition and Competition                                                                                            12.03.2019

I have been chosen by Delicata Winery to be one of 10 artists to take part in the inaugural art exhibition and competition opened on the 12th of March 2019 at Level 1 in the Food Court at the Suq tal-Belt, Valletta.

During January and February I was busy creating my interpretation of the theme of this year’s art contest, namely “the joys of wine, art and good living in Malta today and through the ages” to transform the decommissioned barrique (a wine barrel or bettija in Maltese) into an original work of art. The barrels have been dubbed a bettija’rt work by Delicata.

The Food Market is located in the heart of the nation’s capital, on Merchants' Street, Valletta. The exhibition is open to the public from the 13th of March to the 24th of April 2019.

The competition is decided by public vote and a 4 panel jury decision. You are invited to vote via this link:

Shifting Contexts - Relocation Exhibition                   15.12.2018

I am currently preparing for a group exhibition entitled Shifting Contexts and organised by Agenzija Zghazagh. This exhibition is being curated by Dr Trevor Borg and will be shown at Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta. The show will be open to the public from the 14th of December till the 20th of January 2019.

The exhibition seeks to explore the critical role of art in responding to a rapidly changing world, encouraging young artists to appropriate the theme of Relocation in their work, taking it elsewhere into new and unexpected territories. Creativity entails looking at familiar things from a completely novel perspective and Shifting Contexts will encourage and sustain this approach. Shifting Contexts will promote a shared vision of the future of young people in accordance with the National Youth Policy - Towards 2020. This will contribute to a drive of cultural, social and economic regeneration as envisaged in the mission statement of Valletta 2018, and leading to the building of vital and dynamic communities of the future collectively. 

Further information:

Mahalla Festival, Malta                                                    18.11.2018

Over summer I got to know Sabine Kauper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch, co-curators of the Mahalla Festival Istanbul, which has been brought to Malta for the first time. I was invited to collaborate with them and to create a new work - which I decided should be a site-specific art installation. The artwork is entitled Sleeping Beauty and is installed at an 18th century Palazzo in Zabbar.

The Mahalla Festival - Culture in Transition launches this weekend, and will be taking place at various locations around Malta, for more information you are invited to visit the website:

The location of the Palazzo may be found here:

Mahalla Festival Zabbar

38 Is - Santwarju, Ħaż-Żabbar

Remembering the Future Exhibition                          08.09.2018

In September I presented my project entitled 'Dealing with Death in the Digital age' for the Digital Research for the Humanities and the Arts Conference (DRHA) held in Malta for the first time. The exhibition, entitled Remembering the Future: Digital Arts in Malta 1989-2019 was curated by Prof Vince Briffa and Dr Toni Sant.


My work explored how we are dealing with Death in the Digital Age through the presentation of two parallel videos made up of social media feed and personal emails, text messages etc received during time of grieving. This was a birthing of sorts, due to the strong emotional impact that the passing away of my best friend, other friends and family left on me in 2017 - may they all rest in peace. 

For further information and pictures of the videos presented you may follow this link:

mixverse1 by uni.sol                                                19.06.2018

On Sunday 29th April 2018 from 11pm to 1am (initiated in Ireland's timezone) I participated in the first telepathic gathering of United Artists for Well-Being of Solar System, where we explored alternative ways of inter-connecting around the globe, creating a feeling of connection amongst each other and raising our sensitivity via extrasensory communication possibilities. 

All participating artists were asked to record in some form their extrasensory experience and these sequences were then placed on the timeline according to the coordinates supplied by each contributor and were left basically intact, except for overall volume adjustments and pan distribution trying to create a relatively balanced and the most neutral mix possible. The mix was created by sound artist Slavek Kwi - Uni.Sol 

The overall energetic and aural stream feels like a river of colourful 
metamorphoses floating away to somewhere interesting. Please follow this link to listen to the mix.

Nature Photography Exhibition                  15.05.2018 - 15.06.2018

In Mid-May a group of students and I from the University of Malta, launched a Nature Photography Exhibition at the Library Foyer in the University of Malta. The exhibition is made up of photographs we shot during on-site workshops with our tutor Mr Guido Bonett in various places around Malta, as well as on personal expeditions in other countries. The exhibition was set up thanks to the support of the Centre for the Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Library at the University of Malta. 

The exhibition is open until the 15th of June 2018 from 7am to 11pm and is free for all public to enjoy.

Arte Fiera Forli 2018                                  16.03.2018 - 18.03.2018

Over the weekend I was represented by Organizzazzione Artistica Friarte, Rome at the Arte Fiera in Forli, near Venice Italy. This time I participated with one piece from the Into the Deep Series and a double piece called Il-Femminili I & II. The latter of these pieces were created with what the woman represents to me in mind. A being of strength, of many facets, abilities and will. The woman is a person, a lover, part of nature, a daughter, sister and a mother. Thus a most important aspect of what makes us humans, the half to the whole, but a whole in her own way. The pieces were created in direct response to problems which I myself as a female am sometimes faced with, but also with the celebration of what I and my female friends have achieved in mind. 

Let's celebrate humanity!

Burren Residency                                       09.09.2017 - 08.10.2017

Currently I am on a Residency+ programme at the Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan Co. Clare, Ireland. Funded by the Arts Council Malta - travel grant. During the month long residency I am looking to reconnect with the influence of the natural landscape upon the human psyche - looking out for behaviour changes through walking the land and talking with its' inhabitants. 

The ideas of Water, Home, Liminality, Geography and Shelter are what I am basing my current work on.

Min Hu l-Malti? A Migration Project                  25.09.2016 - 11.09.2017

This project was part funded by Agenzija Zghazagh and co-created with MUYA

This project started out as a personal question into my own background and genealogical roots. I was prompted to follow this research by questions asked of me about where I am from. I was asked this question both when I was abroad as well as from foreigners living in Malta and sometimes even by other Maltese while in Malta. They always replied to my answer by saying ‘But you don’t look Maltese!’. This made me look at myself critically, asking both what instigated people into believing me to be from another country and what makes a person be from one particular country and not another. I contacted MUYA in September 2016 and when they accepted the project we started working together, looking for funding as well as migrants who would be interested in participating in the series of interviews we envisaged. We also searched for the right space in which to exhibit the project. Initially we wanted this to be an outside one time event, as we felt that this would reach out to the public more, but then we decided on a more intimate space, where the visitors could connect with the migrants' stories on a more personal level, as well as interacting with the sculptural elements of the Ship's Wheel and the KOOB Poems. The project was launched at the Malta Postal Museum, Valletta on the 1st of September and ran for 11 days. We are now working together to take this project on further - so watch this space!

Projects created between 2015 - 2016 

As part of the Masters in Digital Fine Arts

This video shows a series of works based on projects done purposely for the Masters in Digital Fine arts studio sessions, enabling me to explore and widen my interests, prior to commencing the final project work.


Alternative Photography - Re-Interpreting Dis-Ease

Book on Nothing - Vacant/ Va-cunt

A Metaphor of Myself

Book art - KOOB

Psychogeohraphy - Derive in Valletta

In the Wake of Dreams

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