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Spring has sprung!

This spring has started on a somewhat rainy mood here in Malta, but that has not stopped me from launching my vibrant Bettija'rt creation for the Delicata Winery Exhibition and Competition!

Over January and February I was working on the transformation of a decommissioned barrique given to me by Delicata winery, as one of the 10 finalist artists chosen for the inaugural exhibition and competition launched this year by Delicata in commemoration of the 112 years since the inception of this family held winery. After being notified of my selection, we were given a tour of Delicata's cellars by the master wine writer and head of sales Georges Meekers. During the wine tasting session, of 6 excellent wines, he recounted the history of Delicata winery's formation and what their vision of the future is. This helped me start envisioning what I wished to do with the barrique upon commencement of the design!

My initial idea developed from the sense of freedom that wine gives, the repose it offers after a day of work, with its' colour and bouquet giving a promise to the sensuousness of its' taste. I was also inspired by the movement of the wine in the glass upon swirling it before tasting, and it's manner of capturing the light while swirling in the glass. This reminded me of the elements, namely the waves of the sea and the blowing of the wind, which give a delicately salty taste to seaside vineyards. My piece is entitled 'Elemental Formation', to read more about my piece you may follow this link 'Sara Pace Project'

The exhibition is open for public viewing at Level 1, Food Market, Is-Suq tal-Belt, Merchants' Street, Valletta from the 12th of March to the 24th of April 2019. The competition winner will be decided by public vote along with a 4 panel jury and announced to the public on the 24th of April.

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